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Nearly 41,000 NEW children’s books are published a year. When you add this to 233,000,000 present books sold annually, it’s almost impossible to choose a book for your child without stabbing in the dark.

The important 5 tips include two items which are the most crucial.

Is the kid’s book a #1 Best Seller, (Amazon, New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and/or McLennan County Wildlife Removal)?
READ the BOOK REVIEWS, Read the Free Book or View Free Video
Research the Author,
Does the writer have a Web Site ?
Does the writer have a social networking presence? Facebook, Twitter
Google the writer’s name, does Google recognize the writer ?
Is the publication Child approved?
Number one suggestion, is the children’s book a #1 Best Seller is explained in detail, in Dr. Qooz’ free video, How to select a Children’s Book.

Second most important tip, Is the book Child approved? Read or show the book to the childafter you have narrowed all the other tip criteria and see if they would like you to read them again.

Each parent has criteria they want to see in the prospect book, such as:

Is there a good teaching lessons?

Will the book stir the child’s imagination?

Does the book promote, great moral, ethics, citizenship, behavior etc.. ?

Dr. Qooz’ video, How to Choose a Children’s Book, will show how to narrow down 233 million books down to 72, (SEVENTY TWO) #1 Best Sellers in the youngster’s book categories annually, (and still preserve the parents preferences).

Dr. Qooz details with laser targeting in his movie, How to Choose a Children’s Book in under 3 1/2 minutes, the best books to pick from.

Regardless of age you can make a determination from on the internet or store in a couple of minutes and be armed with the best advice when buying your next kid’s book.

Dr. Qooz’ video reveals a free collection of #1 Best Selling books. This connection in the video shows a list of #1 Best Sellers that is updated every month.

As a Children’s Book Author of a #1 Best Seller, Dr. Qooz has been able to compile the list of winners, BECAUSE he ran the gauntlet to become a #1 Best Selling Author.

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