Cotton Candy

Among the many sweet treats that are available now, cotton candy is possibly the one which exudes so much fun. Carnivals, circuses, street fairs, these are just some events that wouldn’t be complete without a cotton candy presence. Summers even would not be a lot of fun summer without the spun treat around. Kids, and even adults, enjoy summer and various fairs even more when they are having a feast of the sugary treat. In fact, even the more formal gatherings and parties have taken cotton candy in, what with the endless creative possibilities that may be done with this particular product to fit it into any occasion needing some touch of sweetness in it.

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It is only fitting that this sweet confection connotes much fun. Indeed, we can understand why it is so with all the interesting facts about it recorded below:

  1. The contemporary world has allotted a special day for almost anything perceived as noteworthy to celebrate, and spun sugar cure is no exception. In america at least, a National Cotton Candy Day is celebrated every December 7, highlighting the fact that the sweet stuff has already had a hundred years of history into it to reach national importance. And needless to say, we need not say that cotton candy has from the time of its invention gradually delighted the whole world. Cotton candy bags are huge, as the finished product are also enormous. But the fact is that this confection is mostly air and only a little sugar, which accounts for its being lightweight, in fact, lighter than feathers. It was previously called fairy floss and candy floss until 1920, referring to the tiny sugar strands from which the product is made. It tastes very sweet since the only ingredient it has is sugar, but a serving conveys less calories with it compared to a can of pop. It won’t even lead to tooth decay when consumed only in moderate amount. Aside from that, it is fat-free treat. While we can enjoy this treat now fresh or pre-packaged, in many flavors, patterns, and colors, it remains the exact same treat it had been when it was first invented. This is because it’s a simple, flawless confection to begin with. In Asia, Japanese and Chinese cotton candy sellers have turned the spinning of sugar from a simple industry into a form of art that is both popular and glamorous, and classes about it have emerged in certain large cities.
  2. The machines that are used now in making this confection is generally the same as those which were used when the first cotton candy machine was invented less than hundred years back. Innovations have been introduced, but the technology used remains the same.
  3. The cotton candy machine looks simple, but it’s in fact a technology that applies the understanding of scientific principles associated with centrifugal force, the same way that some medical equipment and several other device applies the principle to achieve an intended outcome. In this sense, the machine can be considered as an advancement in science.

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