Parkour basics

This is going to be divided into two different sections. The first section is going to be for the novices to learn more parkour.

Backflip, Parkour, Parkouring, Back Flip

The second section will be for men and women who have already mastered the basics and are searching for more advanced tutorials.

Before we move on it’s crucial that you understand that parkour can be a dangerous sport if not done correctly. Additionally it is a high impact sport, so make sure with a physician that your body is able to handle it.

Now to begin with the moves.

Both of these basic movements are what enable people to practice parkour safely. The landing focuses on distributing the effect evenly throughout the body. This makes certain your ankles absorb too much impact, that your knees don’t absorb too much impact, and your back does not absorb too much impact.

The land is typically done from about a five foot or less hop. You can even use your hands if you want to.

The roll is what allows a people to jump out of 10 foot ledges and property with the same effect as an average person doing a jumping jack. The roll is slightly more complex to describe through words, so I suggest looking instructional videos from the Tapp Brothers. They give excellent free instructional videos. They’re a bit more comedic in comparison with the Tapp Brothers.

When you learn those two basic moves you can move on to vaults.

Kong Vault

Safety Centurian Wildlife

Standard Vault

Lazy Vault

Thief Vault

One Handed Vault

Obstacle Vault

Reverse Vault

All of these are fairly easy, but again easier to explain in a movie.

Advanced Guide to Learn More Parkour

So you’ve mastered the basics of parkour and wish to move on to more complex stunts such as:

Front Flip

Back Flip

Side Flip

Bar Skills

Wall Climbing

Precision Jumps

Overcoming Fear


Regardless of what you would like to learn the process is the same.

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